Difference between Shared and Dedicated Web Hosting?

This article will explain the key differences between 2 web hosting services available today: shared and dedicated web hosting.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is very popular and the most common type of hosting used by websites on the Internet today.

Shared hosting is very cost effective, because you are sharing hosting with maybe 100 other websites on a single, powerful server.

Shared hosting offer just about all your site needs in terms of space, bandwidth, email, etc. You can even order different IP addresses for each of your websites with shared hosting.

The benefits of shared hosting is low cost (average price is around $5 month per website), your own domain name and lots of software options like database, CGI, etc. If you run a small business and don't expect more than 1000 visitors to your website per day, then shared hosting is for you.

The only problem with shared hosting is that bandwidth is limited, so if your site becomes very popular you might find yourself running out of bandwidth quickly.

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