How To Design Your Website

The design should be simple and soothing to eyes.The best thing to confirm this is to send your design to your friends and ask for their advise .

Your main purpose should be to convey your views and idea's as quickly and as simply as possible .Don't make them run from one link to another because that will result in loss of interest in your website.The web site should be properly linked.Every page should contain link to every other page in your website.Everything should be in front of the eye and easy to reach.Give attractive text to each of your link.Say something that is tempting and makes them to click it.Select the keywords that describe's your page the best.Do not trick people here because the most important thing is to build trust,so that people come to your site again and again.

If you include hundreds of links to other web sites in your web site and think that you are providing a bank of information to your customers.You are wrong .Avoid it.If you still want to include links to site, put very few links giving in detail what these sites offer and when and why to visit them .make sure that the sites are offering valuable and quality data.Visit each of the site personally and ensure that it is a good link,relevent to the data in your site.Remember your every move,every link,every page leaves a mark on the customers mind about your web site,so be carefull in providing these links. Go Back

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