The Ten Web Page "Commandments"

3. Thou shalt Load Fast

Each and every page on your site should weigh in under 30-60KB total, including graphics and navigation.

If your pages must be larger, such as the case with long, 1-page sales letters, make sure the top part of the page loads fast so surfers can read your headline and introduction while the rest of your sales letter loads further down and out of site.

4. Thou shalt not use False Code

Use only html. Never use java, xml, dhtml or other forms of code that require a surfer to keep their browser set up "correctly" to accommodate your page. This is especially true when using "cloaked" pages that require the use of javascript in order to work correctly.

5. Thou shalt respect the Search Engines

If you want search engine traffic, use whole web pages that don't incorporate frames. Search engines get confused trying to read content from most frames pages because the designers don't set them up with the proper information in the correct frame.

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