The Ten Web Page "Commandments"

"What makes a great web page?"

People ask me this all the time, though they often encounter difficulty boiling the question down to so few words.

Every serious website operator wants to know how to create and maintain the best possible website that makes them the most money and builds the largest subscriber base!

The following "commandments" represent the ideals towards which every new or existing website should strive.

1. Thou shalt have a Purpose

Clearly define the site's purpose and ensure all content (pages, graphics and text) tightly focus on that purpose. Discard all extraneous material... only give people exactly what they came for!

2. Thou shalt be Lightweight

Use only small, fast loading graphics. If you must use large graphics use thumbnails and image slicing to diminish the size of every file to less than 12-15kb. Use standard optimized gif's and jpg's and avoid anything that requires the user to download a "plug-in" to view your content.

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