Clean Up Windows Registry without Downloading Anything

What's the fuzz about Windows registry cleaners? They are everywhere, claiming to clean up your PC and make Windows run faster. Are these claims sustained? In order to answer that question, a bit of theory is necessary to better understand what's going on when a registry cleaner application applies all sorts of optimizations. .

Windows Registry is an essential part of an operating system. Storing all kinds of information from vital system and hardware configuration settings to completely unimportant stuff such as list of your latest searches, keeping Windows Registry clean and tidy makes Windows happier, and gives a significant boost to the performance of your PC. On the contrary, frequent tasks such as the installation and de-installation of various programs bloat the registry make it fragmented and littered with data that is no longer used.


Commercially available Windows Registry cleaners keep your Windows Registry tidy by cleaning up the clutter, removing obsolete entries, fixing invalid links and deleting shortcuts to non-existent files. A tidy registry means better performance. In a word, Windows Registry cleaners attempt to make your computer run as new. .

It seems that the claims are substantiated.

But why paying for a registry cleaning product that you have to install to the PC, thus increasing the bloat, when you can get a cleaning service for free and without installing anything? .

Online Registry Cleaner makes cleaning a snatch. By removing the litter, Online Registry Cleaner makes accessing the registry faster to Windows and applications, thus greatly improving their performance. There is no need to pay, and there is no need to download or install anything. Simply point your Web browser to to receive a perfect cleaning.


Online Registry Cleaner is free, small and blazing fast. It scans your Windows Registry to find obsolete and invalid information, optimize and defragment the registry file and improve the performance of your PC.

By removing pieces of information that no longer belong to a valid application, Online Registry Cleaner makes your PC not only faster, but also more secure. .

Do you have a personal blog? Feel free to pass a word and offer the essential registry cleaning service to your visitors! Link or install an ActiveX component from to your blog or Web site, and offer your visitors a free performance boost! .

Free online registry cleaner .

Alexander Rodichev,
CEO, Smart PC Solutions, Inc.

Alexander Rodichev is a founder of Smart PC Solutions company located in Alexandria, VA. The company develops easy to use solutions for daily care to keep users PC in a good shape.

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