ReadyMade Smile Icons for Instant Messengers

Making a new instant messenger for local or global communication? Tired of boring standard emoticons? Make your communication product alive with slick and fun smileys! Smile Icon Set presents about a hundred great smileys available in a variety of sizes, resolutions and color depths. Available as standard Windows ICO files of various resolutions, Smile Icon Set are ready to empower any system including Windows Vista.

Operating an online forum or chat? Starting up a BBS or making a blog? Skip the boring part and spice your project with vivid, professionally crafted smileys! Smileys in Smile Icon Set are supplied as industry-standard GIF and PNG files, ready to be used online.

No matter what format you choose, we always have the right size for you!

Smile Icon Set depicts several dozen smileys that are commonly used in online chats, forums and instant messengers. Messenger status smileys represent popular states such as Online, Offline, Invisible, Occupied, Not Available, Do Not Disturb, Away, Free for Chat, and a few more. The smileys represent various smileys such as Smile, Pleasure, Love, Joy, Laugher, Indifference, Wonder, Trouble, Confusion, and many more. There are various smileys in the package to display faces in Hat, various professions such as Operator, Repair Man, Pirate, Millionaire, Military, Doctor, and many more. There are even smileys to depict Heart and Broken Heart, Sleep, Flowers, Beer and Coffee! If that is not enough, Smile Icon Set includes smileys for Bomb and Pokemon (these two really fit together, don't you think?)

Speaking technically, you are getting a package ready to be used.

Each picture comes in a variety of resolutions, color depths and file formats. All smileys come in common resolutions of 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels, as well as the newer and bigger size of 256x256 pixels introduced in Windows Vista. Sizes of 20x20, 40x40, 64x64 and 128x128 are also available in case you have an unusual project.

Of course, the smileys are available in 256 colors or the slick true color format. Don't need the whole set? You can get just a couple of smileys to begin with, and obtain the rest later if you like them!

Have something more specific in mind than a general instant messenger? Make dedicated chat rooms brighter with specific themes! We are about to release a few more themes, including Appliance Icon Set, Kitchen Icon Set, Animal Icon Set, and Horoscope Icon Set, in the nearest future. Visit Smile Icon Set site for up-to-date information!.

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ReadyMade Smile Icons for Instant Messengers - Make your communication product alive with slick and fun smile icons.

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