Comparing The Nokia Phone To The Nokia Phone

In comparing the Nokia 3310 to the Nokia 6630, it appears that the 6630 Smartphone gives you several options as it relates to SMS messages, where the Nokia 3310 did not. With the Nokia 6630, it is my understanding that you need to define the Message Centers first, much like you set up addresses in your address book and then when a person you have in your address book calls you, their name is associated. In order to view the Message Centre of an SMS message, you first have to make sure that the Log is turned on. On Page 26 of the User Manual for the 6630, it shows how to set this up: Monitoring all communication events, monitor all voice and video calls, text messages, or data connections registered by the phone, press the ring looking button and select Log, and press to open the general log. For each communication event, you can see the sender or recipient name, phone number, name.

Service provider or access point. You can filter the general log to view just one type event and create new contact cards based on the log information. Sub events, such as a text message sent in more than one part and packet data connections, are logged as one communication event. Connections to your mailbox, multimedia messaging centre, or Web pages are shown as packet data connections.

First you need to check the service settings. Here is some additional information from the User Guide for this device that should be of help to you. It sounds like you have to first define the Message Centers in order to see information in your messages. Settings for text messages Options when editing text message centre settings: Edit, New msg.

centre, Delete, Help, and Exit. Select Messaging, Options, Settings, Text message. Message centers - Lists all the text message service centers that have been defined.

Msg. centre in use - Select which message centre is used for delivering text messages. Receive report (network service) - To request the network to send delivery reports on your messages.

When set to No, only the Sent status is shown in Log. See Log, p.25. Message validity - If the recipient of a message cannot be reached within the validity period, the message is removed from the text message service centre.

The network must support this feature. Maximum time is the maximum amount of time allowed by the network. Message sent as - Change this option only if you are sure that your service centre is able to convert text messages into these other formats. Contact your network operator.

Preferred connection - You can send text messages through the normal GSM network or through packet data, if supported by the network. See Connection settings, p.97. Reply via same ctr. (network service) - Choose Yes, if you want the reply message to be sent using the same text message service centre number.

Adding a new text message centre 1 Select Message centers, Options, New msg. centre. If you have any problems with what I just told you then you can go on line to a cell phone web site or go down to your local cell phone store and they will be able to tell you more about the phone that you want.

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