Digital SLR Vs Compact Point and Shoot Camera

All in all, there are three main categories of digital cameras: the Digital SLR camera, the Compact Point and Shoot camera and the High Performance Digital Point and Shoot. The Digital SLR camera boasts with a high mega pixel, the lowest being 6.3 and extending higher up. The Digital SLR is great because it offers full manual setting options while the Compact camera has only a few manual settings. The manual settings will help you establish the precise environment for taking a great picture, so you have more control over the quality. The Digital SLR features also interchangeable lenses.

This provides quality pictures, as you will be able to change the lenses according to the light and the context. On the other hand, the interchangeable lenses may be a drawback for the SLR cameras, as they cost a lot and some people don't want to bother changing lenses only to take a picture of their dog barking. The shutter lag time is non-existent with the SLRs, but this might be a problem when it comes to Compact cameras.

The Compact Point and Shoot camera features also all sorts of options such as an optical zoom, an LCD screen size, computer connectivity and lots more. This type camera is very easy to use and you won't have the inconvenience of having to change lenses or settings as you can use the auto option. The compact cameras will do well when it comes to deep depth of filed, but will not excel in taking superior macro shots. You won't be disappointed in the wide angle of these cameras either. What do you say about an angle of 15 mm? They will do extremely well in low light conditions, when it enables the auto focus, consequently you will be able to shot at nighttime also. This digital camera will provide good pics in available lighting so it will perform just fine in these conditions.

Moreover, the Compact Point and Shoot camera is highly flexible and easy to handle, as it is smaller in size than the SLR cameras. The latest cameras can even fit in a small pocket. Another strength of this type of camera is the price. According to the number of the mega pixels and their features, the price will hardly exceed $500.

The cheapest Compact Point and Shoot camera can be found at $130-$150. The superior SLR camera prices start from $1000. All things considered, the Digital SLR camera is highly recommended for specialists and enthusiast photographers, while the Compact camera is suitable for amateurs.

Nevertheless, a quality Compact Point and Shoot camera will also allow you to take creative pictures. The bottom line is: you choose the SLR or the point and shoot according to your budget, requirements from a digital camera and lifestyle.

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