Eagle One Harrier JumpietCheap Game for Playstation

Did you ever notice that ever since the play station was out in the market everybody went crazy over it regardless of his or her age? They become more avid and number one fan of the play station. Many play station games are already out in the market. No matter how expensive each game costs, they do not mind it at all for as long as they can continue playing with their play station. As a result, many cheap play station games are also out in the market, along with the good ones. One of the cheap play stations is the Eagle 1: Harrier Attack.

This is an action type of game. The cast of the games are the United States pilot that has a different mission against terrorist groups that has conquered the Hawaiian Islands. The underground group of terrorist has set off an electromagnetic pulse device in the air all over Hawaii. As a result, it will destroy all the lines of communication, which will make the U.S.

military forces based ineffective. Therefore, what the U.S. president do, the U.S.

military will act in response by setting up a Marine Corps task force that will be lead by the eagle one. By means of lots and different kinds of planes for attacking, Harrier Jumpiet, the leader and the player must get back the control in the Hawaiian Islands. There are five varieties of aircraft to be chosen namely the top-secret Raven Stealth Jet, Harrier Jumpiet, an F16 Falcon, a rescue helicopter and the A10 Warthog.

All you have to is to personalize your first person, third person and cockpit views and put the players at the center of the battlefield. There is a long replay to know the amount of the aircraft damage, how long you can complete and finish the given mission and how accurate your weapons and system are. The replay also calculates how you will be rewarded for the bonuses and the points you will get if ever you discover hidden missions and aircrafts.

The purpose of the instant replay system is for the players can hit the pause button anytime they wanted even if they are in the war. It also has the ability to re-live the last ten seconds of action. Two players can play this and both of them can have a split screen where they can monitor themselves properly. They also have the choice on what to play. It is either the dog fighting mode or operative mode.

There are twenty-five missions because there are five islands. Five mission per island. Some of the missions are under time pressure to add thrill and tension to the game.

They should be able to finish the mission at once or else you will be lost in the battle. This kind of cheap game is very fun to play. You will be discovering many different aircrafts that could be help to finish your mission at once. There are still more cheap play station that is out in the market. You should not be bothered of having a cheap play station game for the reason that not all cheap games are ugly that is why people take it for granted.

Don't you know that the most fun and interesting to be played are the cheap play station games?.

S. Stammberger is editor of A1 Computer Games. Find xbox, playstation 2 and video games resources, demos, and reviews.

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