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Having access to pictures of parts is extremely important when you are trying to save time and reduce costs during the ordering process. If you can't see a part when you are ordering a new one, the odds of getting the correct part by relying on a purely numeric database with no images are pretty bad. Think about how many times you pick up a catalog or look at a database online, and just stare at lists of numbers. You look at the part in your hand and think, "man, if I could just see a picture of the part I am ordering, then I could be sure it is the right one." You fill out the order form, knowing the whole time that you will receive the wrong part, have to ship it back, and wait for the correct part.

Having a photo available when ordering a part is so logical it's silly. Unfortunately, print has always made the reproduction of thousands of electronic parts images too expensive. But, with the reduction of storage costs on the Internet, photographs are now available for thousands of electronics parts. Businesses have gone to the trouble of photographing and cataloging thousands of hard to find parts, like semi conductors, cords, plugs, and pins. And when you can actually see a picture of the part you are ordering, you are much more confident in your ultimate purchasing decision.

With electronic parts, you can often see if your purchase is an acceptable fit. Sometimes parts may be filed incorrectly, and that can lead to an incorrect purchase. However, if you can clearly see that the part in your hand has a female plug, and the part on the screen has a male plug, then you are obviously going to avoid an ordering mistake.

Often times, however, a picture of an electronic part will show more than obvious design differences from the one you are holding in your hand. Good electronic parts image databases will allow the user to zoom in on a part, giving the user the ability to see specific part numbers and differentiate older parts from newer ones. Subtle variations in part runs do exist, and being able to see these differentiating features is priceless. Electronic part databases that provide multiple views of the same part are also invaluable, as a certain side may not contain all the information you need to make a purchasing decision.

Finding image search engines that have multiple photographs will really help speed up the buying process and prevent the ordering of wrong parts. Locating an electronic image database that provides manufacturer specific listings will also really help expedite your search process.Good parts databases will understand the problems associated with long lead time parts, and will have options in place to get a part in your hands as soon as possible. Additionally, employees who work at these parts search engines have experience in dealing with tough finds, and will be able to help you find a solution to your procurement problem.

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