Free Cell Phones How to Get a Fair Deal

A consumer might be offered with freebies when he is about to purchase a cell phone. The freebies range from free software, free games, free ring tones and even free cell phone handsets. The latest in the freebies galore is the free prepaid cell phones. Due to the intense competition among the cell phone manufacturers and the service providers, free prepaid cell phones are offered to lure the customers as bait.

Normally the freebies are offered only once. When the customers ask again he is charged with fees. The freebies are only an attractive proposition by the cell phone companies and service providers so that they stay loyal customers for lifetime after getting hooked to their offers. Free cell phone games: The most famous freebies among the above are the free cell phone games all over the globe. Many leading cell phone manufacturers are very sure that consumers are ready to spend more money just to play games on their mobile phones. It has also been proved to very large extent.

The cell phone gaming industry is growing at a faster pace and the new games get outdated within a week's time. The software developers too are working hard to make the cell phone games very realistic to make them popular. Heavy competition among the cell phone manufacturers and service providers too are making the cell phone games famous by offering them free of cost as a promotional activity.

Hence free cell phone games are here to stay for a while at least. Free softwares: Cell phones are becoming very sophisticated and are emerging as hand held personal computers. Obviously they should have high-end software in them which can be either downloaded or from a retailer or sometimes comes along with the cell phone itself as a preloaded software. Most of the cell phone soft wares are given as freebies.

Such soft wares have a wide range of utilities like the ring tones programmed to the user's specification, managing data on the phonebook, graphics compatibility etc. Imaging software is also popular for shooting and sharing pictures using cell phones with ease. Soft wares are used for SMS and MMS. Such freebies if not got with the cell phones can be easily downloaded form the Internet.

Polyphonic ring tone freebies: There are many websites offering wide libraries of polyphonic ring tones for free, which can be downloaded on to the cell phones easily. Certain sites not only offer free ring tones, but also offer free screen savers, logos and other cell phone accessories as special promotions. Before getting the freebies, the user should know whether their cell phones are compatible enough to download and store them. Care needs to be taken while getting the freebies from the cell phone companies and service providers, as they require the customer to enter into a contract to receive such offers for free.

If the contract is broken the customer may have to face penalties or high monthly fees. Some cell phone companies provide free airtime minutes, which should be known and used carefully, as otherwise the consumer may end up paying more than what he thought.

David Hensley is an expert author specialized in electronic accessories and gadgets. He contributes several informative articles regularly to that helps find the right cell phone plan and that carries exhaustive information on free ring tones and free cell phones.

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