How to Send SMS Text Messages Online for Free

Certainly, the cell phone can be treated as the biggest invention of 20th century. It indeed improves our life with its many advantages, one of which is the exceptionally effective SMS or Short Messaging Service. SMS is the broad term for the technology which equips people with the possibility to receive and send text messages through mobile phones. With modern technological improvements, free international sms messages can now be dispatched on a universal level anywhere in the world due to the countless online service providers.

And the very best part is that you don`t really even need a cellular phone in case you possess a computer. You simply register with the desired info on any of the web sites that offer free SMS service and just complete the simple guidelines. There is a required space for the cell number of the recipient, coupled with the space for the message. It is dependant on the free sms provider, but generally, the highest number of words accepted is commonly preset at 137 characters. But, some India sms providers tolerate even more than this. SMS messages may allow words, numbers or any alphanumeric group.

Also, binary format is customarily supported. Several free sms service providers deliver numerous extra services to senders, such as sending verifications or replies. Hence, you may track sent messages and ascertain when it is received. Furthermore, if you settle upon replies, the recipients can even reply back to you.

This sort of two-way sms interaction without paying a dime is possible only via a free SMS service provider on the World Wide Web. Due to the fact that you normally have to pay to send out SMS, sending free, global SMS via online sms service providers is a great, nifty way to communicate with family and friends. For example, In the UK, messages cost can mount to 0.10, and with people sending many messages every day, costs can mount up. In addition, writing a text message through your cell phone simply takes too long compared to using your keyboard.

Even on highly up-to-date cellular phones with advanced predictive text messaging, it might be really complex and time-consuming to type a message. Just think how quick it is to write a message on the computer keyboard, it is much quicker than using your mobile phone. Snce they are free, some messaging services are good, some do not work at all, and others are rather sluggish. Also, many services will add and advert to the bottom of the message, even though this doesn`t create much problem, for, it really doesn`t decrease the number of allowed characters. Be pretty careful when you register for a free SMS service.

Not all are as free as they pronounce to be, some send paid sms messages to your phone, that makes the service very pricey.

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