Is Your Ringtone Appropriate For Your Lifestyle

With the proliferation of all sorts of ringtones on the market today, many of us are tempted to do something wild and crazy with the way our phones let us know that someone is calling. While it is true that having a distinctive jingle to your phone can be a lot of fun, you do need to work within a reasonable perimeter. Make sure you walk that fine line between something that is fun, quirky, and an indication of your personality, and something that makes people look at you as if you just sprouted an extra head. Here are a few guidelines to help you avoid drawing attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons. Most of have an image of ourselves that we like to project. Our image tells others a little about ourselves, our value systems, our preferences, and where our priorities lie.

Often, we will choose to dress a certain way in order to promote that image to others. When it comes to your ringtone, think of that as one more accessory in your wardrobe. It may be a simple thing, but stop and consider this example.

You are involved in a serious conversation with a business colleague. You have just made a critical statement to your colleague, one that you hope he or she will consider with all due respect. Just at that instant, your cell phone begins to chirp the theme song from the old Mickey Mouse show.

Sure that is quirky and it is fun, but did it really do anything to bolster your image as a serious businessperson? By the same token, there is no need to be serious if you mainly use your cell phone outside work hours. If you truly fun loving, don't be stuck with a ringtone that is so ordinary that even the dog yawns when your cell rings. Do some digging and find a tune that will bring a smile to your lips.

You can choose from all sorts of fun ringtones these days, everything from music to animal sounds to cartoon characters. Download a few that you can shuffle around from time to time, just to keep those around you guessing about what your phone will sound like today. Perhaps you are one of those people who are somewhere in the middle. You have your serious side and like to keep things businesslike during working hours. At the same time, you like to have a little fun after the work is done. That is no problem.

You can easily find music that provides the ambiance of someone who is focused and still playful at the same time. Perhaps something with chimes would be a good ring for you. There are also some fun piano ringtones out there as well that might be the right mix of conservative and whimsical for you. With so many ringtones around today, have a little fun checking out different ones until you find a few that seem to be just the right fit for your lifestyle. Be sure to check with your service provider on how to download and install the ringtones.

It won't take long and chances are you will be happy the next time your phone rings.

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