More Links To Your Website Means More Traffic to Your Website

By getting more links you have to your site (AKA backlinks), the higher listing you have with search engines. It also brings you more traffic. You can also exchange links with another site.

This in known as a 2 way link. They are not as good as a one way link where there is a link to your website only. A good way to get one way links is submitting a link to a directory website. There are thousands of these directory websites.

People could go there to add links to their website and look for websites they may like. Each of these websites has their own rules. Many of them offer 3 choices.

You send them your information (add link or submit link) and they look it over and decide whether to accept it. One choice is a free submission. Some sites may say that with this choice it may take up to 6 months before they review your site.

These groups want you to create links back to them so they can become bigger. When you do this then you are submitting a reciprocal link. This is a higher priority and it gets reviewed sooner than the other links and has other perks. Then there is the paid for link called possibly a featured link. This type of link gets looked at the soonest and you get other perks like being able to submit other pages of your website in addition to the main page. Submitting these links to so many sites can take a lot of work.

Some sites offer to do it for you if you pay them. So that is something you can try. A way of getting two way links is by exchanging links. You can just look for sites that you like and ask them if the want to exchange links. there are also link exchange places that help you to do this.

This group has many people that are looking to exchange links with you or you can ask them to exchange links. I have been using one of these for 2 years. With the group I use, if a site requests a link from you, they have to put up the link first. Then they check it and notify you that it was done and for you to do the same. Many of these sites will put your link on a page that is not connected to their website so no one will ever see it. So even though the exchange group made sure it was on the page, they do not know if it is connected to the site or not.

So you have to check this. There are many unscrupulous people on the internet. When it comes to links to your website there is a difference of how much it helps you. The way to measure how much it helps you is to find out the Google page rank of the site and of the page your link is on. The higher the number the better. The numbers are from 0 to 10.

Some experts tell you not to exchange links with a site that has a PR of 0. If it is a bad site, it could hurt you to have a link to it. Some say not to exchange links with a site that has a PR lower than yours.

The author is Chuck Bluestein. He is an expert on weight loss and fasting, a nutritionist, bodybuilder, herbalist and a webmaster. His free information website has information on fasting with quotes from 18 MDs on fasting, natural cure for cancer, back and neck pain, blog about getting more traffic to your website, weight loss, natural cure for depression, Amazon Herb MLM business (I have been doing since 1998) and the psychology of happiness.

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