Requirements for Conducting Video Conference Calls

As video conference calls get cheaper and more flexible, they are fast becoming a suitable alternative to travel for businesses that are trying to cut costs and lower their travel budgets. Due to recent advances in technology, conference call services are now available for multi-user conferences as well. In order to get a good resolution during a video conference call and convey the information to the participants, the quality of the equipment used is important.

When a video conference call is placed, a camera, PC system, audio controls and software are all interconnected. Information is then shown on the monitors that are connected to the PC system. Windows or Macintosh operating systems can support video conferencing programs. NetMeeting is the Windows based program whereby Macintosh users have iChat AV to make video conferencing calls. In addition, you can download other free software packages that are compatible with Windows and Macintosh.

Combining the audio, visual and network systems into one device help make the conference call process more efficient. Individual users may purchase portable devices while larger organizations may tend to purchase larger, less portable systems. In this respect, some companies designate a specific room for video conferencing only.

From the simple web-cam to a video conference call service that costs anywhere from fifteen thousand dollars, there are many different options available to the consumer and that will meet everyone's individual needs. Dedicated desktop-based hardware is popular amongst individuals and the price range is between six hundred to three thousand dollars. There are also software-based headsets which are usually priced at a hundred dollars each, and they are great for personalized calls and are also known to reduce echoes when on a conference call. Conferences that involve small numbers of participants usually consist of a PC-based system, which can cost between six to fourteen thousand dollars. Alternative systems that run over IP or ISDN are also simple to set up and use and cost between three to twelve thousand dollars. The cost of the equipment for conferencing seminars that hold large groups of people is considered by individuals very expensive although companies will more than likely be in the market to make a purchase.

They are looking at approximately eight thousand dollars for a multi-directional microphone used for video conferencing seminars or classes. These microphones are placed in specific locations in a room with high-resolution cameras. Purchasing conference call equipment and software is a major investment so check for reliability, ease of use, connectivity and compatibility.

Ensure that updates and maintenance services can be easily obtained at any time.

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