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The few weeks ago, I flipped my TV on and it wouldn't power on.  The red light in front just kept flashing until it went out and the "Lamp" light turned on.  Oh great, my husband had just took off on a military deployment and now I am without TV. I quickly logged onto my computer to typewrite my hubby, who just insisted we buy a LCD HDTV three years ago.  I told him that his "awesome" TV is broken and now I have no spouse and no TV either. .


You have to love recent technology because the next thing I know, he wrote back and told me he bought the extended warranty on the Sony HDTV. The extended warranty only lasts 4 years so I knew we were pushing it. I also knew the paperwork was lost somewhere with all the rest of the significant documents we had.

  After fumbling through documents for an hour, I finally recovered it in an unopened box from our move.  I opened it up and saw the date of purchase, just 3 months shy of four years. .


YES! So I called Sony and let them know the HDTV model I have and my purchase number.  They set up a near-by electronics store to come to my residence, make certain it was the lamp and then replace it.

  They even gave me an appointment day and time. I waited around all day for the serviceman to come to my home the day of the repair but he never showed up.  Do you know how annoying it is to go from a 52" HDTV to no high definition 19" TV?  .


It's quite dissatisfying. I called the electronics company and ask them what happened.  They gave me another appointment and apologized, which was fine, everyone makes mistakes.  Yet, the next appointment never happened either.  Then I called again and they said that they just went ahead and ordered the lamp.

  They said the lamp would get there in two days.  Three days afterward, there was still no lamp.  .


It wasn't until nearly 2 weeks afterward that they eventually got to my residence with the lamp. The two techs simply took off the front access panel to the television, unscrewed the lamp framing, and replaced it.  It took about 15 minutes.  I could have certainly ordered the lamp myself and fixed it more than a week ago.  I will definitely recall that for the next time my treasured high definition television's bulb  goes out.

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