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Gaining the trust of online customers is vital for the success of e-commerce. As per studies conducted 87% of online shoppers are concerned about credit card fraud, 85% of online shoppers are concerned about identity theft 83% of online shoppers are concerned about sharing personal information 77% of online shoppers are concerned about spyware(Source: TNS Research, August 2006) Fraud and identity theft have created a chilling effect on e-commerce. According to reviews, most consumers shop only at sites they know and trust, and 65% of online shoppers have abandoned a shopping cart/basket or failed to complete an online purchase due to security concerns. Forrester Research found that 24% of online consumers stopped purchasing online during the 2005 holiday season due to security concerns.

(Forrester Research, December 2005.) Web site visitors have learned to look for the closed padlock and "https" in the URL address. To guard against imposter Web sites and concerns about malicious programs, visitors check trust marks that link to authenticated information about the certificate owner.

Make sure your Web site earns its full potential by increasing customer confidence at transaction time. Get an SSLGenie certificate for your website now and secure your customers. Most SSL providers confuse you by making complex packages and creating the "fear". www., SSLGenie has tried to keep things simple for you. If you are a small organization and don't want to spend too much, but still want a basic level to security for your customers, You can go for a Flash SSL, the quick domain validated certificate which costs only $14.99 If you have high value transactions then you can choose our Premium SSLGenie for Enterprises.

SSLGenie has a unique "Custom SSL" feature where you can choose the exact level of security you need. SSLGenie don't bind you with limited pre made packages and pricing. You can select features/warranty as per your need and make your own SSL in 2 minutes. Visit www. for more information. SSLGenie (Global Certification Authority) provide Internet securities and E-commerce Security Solutions.

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