The Importance Of Data Racks In Data Centres

For those people who are knowledgeable in the world of data centres, will know the importance server and data racks. Seems like a simple and small thing to think about considering data centres are consisted of numerous computers and an abundance of information. However, without the right tools and implementation of keeping these data centres running then a data centre has lost its very function of being the backbone of major companies in storing and holding data information.

Data racks, put simply are a boxed enclosure that holds the server. Finding the right one for data centres is very difficult seeing that you must have the building itself maintained well against unpredictable disasters and the natural elements such as hurricanes and earthquakes. The building itself requires a specially trained and qualified data centre architect and engineer to design and build, therefore everything within is protected.

The data racks do still need to withstand external damages and must maintain its strong quality and bear minimal damage. Some server racks have been designed to be resistant to earthquakes, keeping the machines protected and stable. The slightest amount of tremors can cause damage to the data causing problems for the system.

It is vital that all data centres have 24 hour on call maintenance; to alleviate the responsibility of how these servers are protected the data racks need to be hard wearing and ability to withstand any damages that may occur.

When purchasing new server racks it is important to know, what their cooling strategies are, as this will play a part in the way they run as well as keeping their core temperature regulated. Keeping the computer rooms cool without wasting energy is very important to the running of a data centre and will help keep them running efficiently at all times with minimal problems.

Most racks come with their own AC unit; however, you will need to choose your rack more carefully as this will determine how you keep the computer rooms cooled.

To save space standalone data racks may be better than ones that take up a lot of space and are mounted on top of each other. Often data centres can be crammed with racks and machines, the best way to avoid this is to obtain racks that can fit and be placed into any part of the room, allowing more space for other parts and equipments. Most data racks are slimmer and lighter in weight, therefore you are able to place them in more areas of the room.


About the Author (text)Anna Stenning is an expert on data racks having worked in a data centres previously. For more information visit

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