Virtual Community The Influence of Cheap International Prepaid Phone Card Rates on Our Communities

Today, more than ever, people use their communication tools to contact their friends and families in their home countries and overseas. The overall state of economy worldwide has had an impact on the communities around the world. Many people have decided to leave their mother countries for better opportunities. This is certainly the case in the United States. Many people come to America every year to have a chance to earn more money and pursue their dreams.

In addition, with the technology advancing every day, the pace in the global business environment has increased dramatically. Therefore, people prefer to spend less time on community-building activities. That is where the idea of virtual community come in.

A virtual community is usually a community that is based on Internet-based communications. Orkut, a service provided by Google, is a virtual society, as it is consist of many virtual communities. Through these virtual places, people communicate with each other and expand their networks. Some people even use these communities to find their lifetime partners. As amazing as the idea of virtual communities is, technology has also made overseas communication very inexpensive for everybody, with cheap International prepaid phone card rates. There is still a need for feel and touch and vocal communications in order for members to properly get to know other community members, and many people want to do this as individuals, rather than in a group.

Therefore, virtual community members tend to contact each other via their phones. International prepaid calling cards using VoIP as their underlying technology have made this feasible and affordable. Using traditional phone carriers, if you live in the U.

S., and you decide to have an ongoing relationship with somebody who lives in let's say Angola, you are going to have to spend a pile of money on international calls every months. In fact, some people pay as much as 80 cents a minute to contact countries in Asia or Africa. This high rate is not affordable for many people in the U.

S. That's where cheap International phone card rates come in. By using an inexpensive prepaid phone cards, people get to contact their virtual community peers in an affordable way, with rates as low as $0.

225 per minute, rather than $.80. Other countries are even less expensive. You can find a rate to China is as low as $.

018 per minute, or less than many people spend for a long distance call in the US!. The best thing about these services is that there is no new equipment needed, and you can get these same rates by calling a local access number from either a land or mobile phone. This could be very useful for people who are interested in the concept of e-dating.

Places such as eharmony or Mate allow people to search for their potential soulmates and write to them. But by finding a cheap International prepaid phone card rate , the e-dating fans will get to talk to their potential partners to figure out if they could truly be compatible as a couple. The Internet has had a dramatic effect on the way people engage in community-building activities, as it is very convenient to join a virtual community and start contributing to that community. Many people around the world have joined these virtual communities, and this trend is expect to speed up throughout the next decade. But since vocal communications are still needed, people can use cheap international prepaid phone card rates to satisfy that need. The next decade is truly going to be an exciting one!.

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